Get Noticed University Online Course

Comprehensive Do It Yourself Course to help your son get recruited to play college baseball.

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In this online course you will learn

You may be down a good path in college recruiting, but need a little bit of insight that you can't find online.  Purchase the DIY Course "Get Noticed" 

  • High Level Over View of Recruiting Process
  • Intro to College Baseball
  • Where you fit
  • How to find the fit
  • How to reach the fit
  • How to continue the conversation
  • How to narrow the funnel
  • Get Noticed!
  • $99 DIY Course


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Gain Clarity in the Recruiting Process

Learn the best direction for your son to achieve his goals.

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Focus Your Time on Events that best Showcase your skills

Attend the showcases that best fit your son's ability to be seen by college coaches

Key benefits from this course

  • Clarity in the Recruiting Process
  • Insight to what College Coaches are looking for
  • Best places to Showcase skills in front of coaches
  • How to get evaluated to narrow your search for colleges


Want More Coaching After The Course?

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