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Get Noticed University

Online College Baseball Recruiting Coaching.  Learn how to cut through the clutter of the college baseball recruiting process with Coach Darren Nicholson

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Play Up Book

Self Mastery is tough.  Coach Nicholson takes the modern student athlete on a journey through the best practices learned in over 20 years coaching thousands of kids to college baseball.  This book is packed with tactical advice on behavior and mind set to be the best player you can be.

What you'll get:

  • Elite Mind Set Tips
  • Behavior modification for next level productivity 
  • Life Style Tactics for Leveling Up as a Player

Coach Nicholson has outlined a practical action guide with his release of Play Up.  You will learn skills for the Next Level of Play.


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Monthly Online College Recruiting Coaching

Monthly Membership to the best information to help you reach your goals to College Baseball

  • Instant Access to Members Only Course
  • Bi Monthly Webinars for Members Only
  • Online Resources for Recruiting Assistance
  • Video Analysis
  • E-mail access to Coach D Nic
  • Interviews and Live Events
  • $49/Month



Get Noticed Online Course

You may be down a good path in college recruiting, but need a little bit of insight that you can't find online.  Purchase the DIY Course "Get Noticed" 

  • Course Description
  • Intro to College Baseball
  • Where you fit
  • How to find the fit
  • How to reach the fit
  • How to continue the conversation
  • How to narrow the funnel
  • Get Noticed!
  • $99 DIY Course

Want to Get Noticed?

Apply Now to see if you are a fit for this online program that is geared for the student athlete and his parents, who want to reach the goal of playing college baseball.

Darren Nicholson


A Southern California native and All-Conference baseball infielder, Darren Nicholson graduated from Chico State University in 1996 and went on to a successful 15-year career in sports management and business technology. Darren was a scout for the Pittsburgh Pirate's organization from 1999-2001, which led him to recruit for two of the largest baseball showcase companies, Perfect Game and Baseball Factory.

In 2002, Darren co-authored the baseball conditioning book, Diamonds and by 2008, was scouting for the Sports One Agency before starting his own agency.

Darren launched Athletic Placement Services (APS) which became a leading amateur sports agency within 5 years. Darren's work integrating sports recruiting, business management and information technology has appeared in the Contra Costa Times and Diablo Magazine. Darren continues to be an industry expert, speaking at national sports venues such as the Fall Classic and Junior Olympics.

Darren is a member of the Danville Chamber of Commerce, Diablo Valley Young Professionals, and Fast Company Magazine Circle of Friends and is a supporter of Athletes in Action and the Make-a-Wish Foundation. He actively coaches his summer APS baseball program, where he continues to recruit and mentor the players of tomorrow.


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